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Monday, May 19, 2008

A Woman's Prerogative

This is how fickle I am. I see a new style. I loathe it so much it is disturbing. Within mere days (hours, minutes) I am obsessed with that fashion and must make it my own. It will be mine. Examples include... flowy tops, turquoise jewelry, skinny jeans, my beloved black velvet Stevie Nicks coat. I did a 180 on the color green so quickly I almost got whiplash.

So. When Amanda showed me this dress, I was immediately horrified. The pattern, the hem, the colors, the length. Of course, now I am thinking - the pattern! the hem! the colors! the length! You try it now:

It didn't hurt that I began to see this as something Rhoda Morgenstern would have purchased at her job at Hempel's. Like Amanda, she could shop while she works. If it's good enough for Rhoda, it's good enough for me. I mean, look at her?

Plus, can't you just see these dress with these awesome sunglasses, at only $7.50. I mean, picture these glasses with the dress in a size 00, stick a Good Charlotte member on your arm, and we're talking Nicole Ritchie.

Of course, to hit that 80's Three's Company vibe, though, these are the glasses you should really wear. I just can't bring myself to buy them, they are just so odious. Give me a minute.

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Amanda said...

The dress looks much cuter when it's actually on someone, as in the new Old Navy commercial, or here: