So - which ass-kicking boots do I buy?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Purple Daze

I saw these plum satin beauties in the window of Urban Outfitters and I stopped in my tracks, struck by a sudden need for them. By the time I had turned around and entered the store, mere seconds later, I already had come up with the need that they satisfied; to complement a silver dress that, at $24, cost even less than these $28 flats. Wow, I'm good.
(Also, cute with jeans.)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Collar the Market

Sometimes when I wear a coat with a collar I get nervous that the collar will flap around and my lipstick will rub onto it. Which is weird, because mostly I buy lipstick and then keep it safely in my medicine cabinet. But once in awhile I wear lipstick - until I get to work and eat my breakfast at my desk. And during the period from when I first put the coat on until I remove my coat and take my first bite of cranberry muffin, I am always craning my neck in weird ways to keep that collar clean. This coat ($97 with the 25% off code) has its collar firmly secured by buttons. So for the five minutes that Im actually wearing lipstick, I won't be doing that weird pigeon thing with my neck. I'm hoping that means an end to the old man with the baggy pants tossing crusts of bread in my direction.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Slipper-y When Cold

It may be unseasonably warm according to Al Roker, but that's just outside. Inside it is freaking freezing - at work and at home. I desperately need some cozy, furry slippers to keep me warm - you know, that whole pulse points thing. That's why American Apparel sells those terry sweatbands, no doubt, to keep the hipsters warm. Wait - where was I before I got distracted by visions of lame lycra leggings and faux/not faux soft core porn ads? Yes, cozy, furry slippers. I need me some of these for $15.

And, seriously, it's so cold at work despite someone having done this to the vent, that I might wear the slippers there, too.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Le No? Le Yes!

The dealmaker: This top is $20. It has some of that recently popular bat wing sleeve, but it's cinched with an empire waist, so you don't look shapeless or like you might take flight.

The dealbreaker: It's called the Leno blouse. There is something so repulsive about Jay Leno and his scary chin, that simply because an item shares his name, I would seriously run from it, screaming, arms flailing. Perhaps you will not have as visceral a reaction, although I will never understand why not.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sweet November

November has arrived, and, with it, inevitably, will come two annual occurrences that arrive like clockwork: the onset of winter and my search for the perfect flat leather boot under $100.

But I must say I'm feeling good about both of these things this year. For one thing, the high yesterday was 70 degrees. For another, I've already found these.

P.S. When you visit the boots at their web site, don't worry about that third commenter down -- the one from Canada, who complains that boots never fit her perfectly toned calves and approves of the wearing of leggings. That's three strikes right there -- we'll take care of her.

Go Tuck Yourself

Sometimes you like to tuck your cords into boots. But sometimes that proves a difficult task, as your calves are too, you know, muscular. Plus, it's just plain hard to jam those gams in alongside your pants, which are all folded up and pushed up weird. So you need these tapered cords for $40.

If, while you are buying those cords, you also purchase these 'arm warmers,' goodbye, it was nice knowing you, but you are no longer welcome around these parts.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Hoser Hut

In New York City, people don't have lawns. But that doesn't seem to stop people from watering the land right outside their front door. It is not clear to me WHY people stand outside, drenching the sidewalk with a garden hose every single morning, but it happens. And the resulting puddles can reach havoc on my black suede ballet flats. Since the dirty looks I give these urban gardeners as I daintily tiptoe through the marshy sidewalk, trying to keep as much of the delicate suede out of the water as possible, don't seem to be having an effect, I am forced to search for an alternate footwear option. I'm thinking these. $27.99 and free shipping -- that is, if the mailman is willing to wade through the flood outside my front door.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Esprit de Store

When I was in high school, my family would drive in to NYC and my mother would take me shopping at Urban Outfitters, where she'd buy me all matter of things Esprit. It's there that I got the awesomest Esprit hot pink loafers, and somehow even more awesomer Esprit paint splattered pants (with ankle zippers!). And what do I remember best about these trips? A single instance in which a man stood at the entrance to Urban Outfitters screaming over and over "What the fuck is Balduccis? What the fuck is Balduccis?" Exactly the memory my mother was trying to create.

The story does go a long way toward explaining a) my allegiance to Urban Outfitters b) my adoration of the word 'fuck' c) my attraction to Esprit. Evidence of point 'c': this dress (which I snagged over the weekend for $50 at 30% off).