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Monday, May 12, 2008

Hot Thermal, Summer in the City

What is the difference between someone who is 'stuck in a rut' and someone who has her own style'? I think it's all in the attitude. Go forth proudly wearing that same look every day, striding confidently, and it's a look. It's that kind of attitude that brought back feathered hair and bell bottoms.

So one of my more current 'collections' (what's the difference between a collection and just a bunch of the same thing?) is thermals. And they are not boring or rut-y. Look how they are a single crazy color! Look how they have that wild waffle texture! More importantly look how they can extend usage, via the magic of layering, to a tank, a hoody, a dress, and, yes, I dare to say it, another thermal. Shirts are so much luckier when they do that, aren't they? And let's say you had an embarrassingly sizable colletion of Lucky Brand belts, in all their seventies' glory, you could pair a thermal with some jeans, wrap on a heavy belt, and go forth proudly.

You might think that thermals in all their coziness, are a winter-only item. But commitment to a look means making it work across all the seasons. American Apparel is being supportive by offering this $14 baby here with really a very flattering sleeve. And they sell it in a whole host of non-colors, my favorite kind of color. I have collected Melange Olive. So far.

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