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Monday, May 5, 2008

Stacy London Calling

My well-documented fear of patterns was well documented earlier, but I still love this $28 dollar trench. Well, not for me - I mean that would be insane! It has two colors. What am I - a clown? But for you, my friend, this is the coat for you.

Do you ever watch What Not To Wear? Well, not on Friday night, no, since that might imply that you are not out living large, but are instead home, possibly doing your weekly 10 loads of launtry. But on your DVR, sometime during the week, after your excruciatingly exciting weekend has come sadly to a close. This is exactly the sort of piece the WNTW dyanamic duo is always trying to get the unsuspecting victim to top off her new wardrobe with - and rightly so. Wouldn't it be nice head out to work wearing a smart-looking coat that stands out a bit on the crowded subway, isn't the same old gray or black everyone else has on? It so would.
For you, not me.

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