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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why Not "Soot" or "Schmutz"?

So I almost didn't write about this dress, but then I saw the name of the color (OK, Mom, the non-color). It's called "wheelbarrow." I clearly remember our wheelbarrow being painted red, with wooden handles. Whose wheelbarrow do you suppose this color is referring to? I guess I have to say "to whose wheelbarrow is this color referring?" since, it seems, I love grammar.

Anyway, NYC living does not leave much space for a wheelbarrow. What might be the urban equivalent? Maybe those big old lady shopping carts - like the one I threw out yesterday because I didn't have room for even that? Maybe rolling luggage? Acutally threw that out last week. I guess we're saying it's like a purse - got me some of them!

So I really like this wheelbarrow dress for $24.50! It is definitely Greek-inspired. Does that mean you would look adorable if you paired the dress with the gladiator sandals we posted about earlier? Or does that mean you would be a worthy competitor in the Texas-wide Latin contest I seem unable to purge my mind of (and, truthfully, until that post, had not thought of once)? And would that be a bad thing?

Perhaps a pair of flats in, say 'spade' or 'trowel' (really, 'hoe' would have been too easy).

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