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Friday, May 16, 2008

HR Cuffin Stuff

I have just learned that Amanda is accessory-challenged as well. Learning of her affliction this brings up the age-old question of nature vs. nurture, since we are blood relations. Is this illness genetic? And if so, does it mean I must start a foundation to alleviate the suffering? Can I plan a "{Verb} for the Cure" event? Verbs that come to mind are 'eat,' 'watch "How I Met Your Mother,"' and, again, 'eat.' Alas, I cannot fashion any sort variation on the doubled-over ribbon that we can pin on our lapels, as that goes right to the heart of the affliction's symptoms. It does make the illness all the more poignant, does it not?

But, I think I've done pretty well here. This $15 bracelet is perfect for summer. With some peasant-y, flowy top, or a flowy dress. It has a nice chunky, bohemian feel, but I think you could even wear it to work. And with a big bracelet, which I think we call a 'piece', you can take it easy on the rest of your accessories. I think - but that could be the illness talking.

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