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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Et Tu, Cute

You NEED these gladiator sandals. You just do. And not despite their looking like something your sister wore when she entered (and won) the statewide Latin costume contest in high school, but possibly because that's what they look like.

And also, because they are just adorable, wicked cheap at $35.99, and Vera Wang. Be kind to me and don't make me use the 'word' 'masstige' since I have already had to use the term 'gladiator sandals'. Can't you just see these shoes walking at a brisk clip to work, on their way to Tasti-D-Lite (Pinkberry if that works better for you), looking smart with a pair of jeans? You so can. And when the trend looks outdated, just put them away for your next statewide Latin contest.

Update - turns out I really did need them. I managed to get them for $28.79, no shipping, using the promotion codes JUST4YOU & SPECIAL20.

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