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Monday, May 19, 2008

Stretch those shopping muscles

I'd like to take a moment to discuss the importance of flexibility. And I don't mean in a yoga sort of way. In fact, I hate yoga. This is in part because, as I like to say, I don't like to mix spirituality with sweat, but mostly because every time I've tried a yoga class, I've gotten an instructor with a hilarious accent, who dramatically implores me to try "downvard-fazing dugggg" instead of just sitting on my mat and giggling.

No, I'm talking about a different kind of flexibility. About keeping an open mind, and not getting so caught up in preconceived ideas that you can't consider other options.

For instance, say you've spent the past few months searching for the perfect pair of gold summer sandals to replace the ones you happily wore into the ground the past two years. You've looked everywhere, going so far as to purchase a few pairs, but ultimately ended up returning them because they really weren't quite right. And then, lo and behold, after what seems like endless searching, you find that pair! And as you sit in the shoe store congratulating yourself on not settling, the saleswoman returns with dreadful news: They're out of the gold in your size. How about silver?

What do you do? Do you leave the store sadly, and vow continue on your quest, knowing it may be months again before you come across such a find? Or do you boldly reevaluate your wardrobe needs and think, The perfect silver summer sandal! What I really needed all along!

Expand your fashion horizons, dear reader. Consider other options. Is one metallic really so different from another? You can make the silver work. Think how cute it will look with all your little summer dresses. Gold is so summer of '07, anyway! (Disclaimer: I have no idea if this last part is actually true. But you can embrace it and make it true!)

And, while you're in the store, if you should unexpectedly happen to find that elusive perfect pair of oversized, rhinestone-studded-but-not-tacky, Lindsay-Lohan-with-a-hangover sunglasses, do you think, I was really only in the market for shoes today . . .? Nay, my friend! March straight to the register, sunglasses in hand. After all, you're flexible.

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Gabby said...

Personally if it was me, I'd have them do one of those nationwide searches where they find the shoes and ship them to you at no charge...and then I'd probably try on the silver and buy both.