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Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Little Bit Country.. A Little Bit Rock and Roll

First, before going any further, I must tell you about a story I saw on Dr. Phil. Wait - don't click away! I imagine it sounds a bit off topic, but let me explain, my stream of consiousness. First thought: the title, a bit from The Donnie and Marie Show. Next thought: Donnie Osmond always wore those purple socks - his completely artificially constructed trademark. And that leads us to the episode of Dr. Phil I just saw, featuring a woman so in love with the raven haired, cap-toothed Donnie, that even after the D&M Show was canceled (proving there is a god) and she fell in love with and married another man, she named her daughter Violet in honor of those very same purple socks. And, oddly, this daughter has grown up a little concerned about the overall state of her mother's mental health.

And, back to the shirt. The shirt is feminine, and yet still rocks - as summed up in the above-mentioned title. As a (way) less than girly girl, it is very hard for me to don any item of clothing with ruffles. But this shirt manages to combine ruffles with a muscle tee shape and a gunmetal gray color. And did I mention that it's Bitten, for only $8.98! $8.98! Thank you, SJP - I do love you, even though, as already stated by Amanda, there is not a chance in hell I will pay one hot red cent to see your upcoming movie.

Wear this top with the Vera Wang gladiators and how awesome are you? You are so awesome.

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