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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Made it work

I just got this fab Kara Janx (Project Runway, Season II) halter kimono dress for $30! It all happened this weekend, when I was at a super-exclusive sample sale in Ms. Janx's apartment, as that is how I roll. I will admit that $30 is the deal of a century, even at a sample sale, so some divine intervention must have been involved in addition to my usual shopping savvy. And it took a lot of willpower to pass up all of her other adorable dresses and tops, which were marked down but still might have resulted in my inability to purchase food for the week. Truly, she did not get a chance to shine on PR, because all of her stuff is just amazing. And she is so, so nice. And my life would be complete if the temperature would stop hovering around 60 so that I could actually wear it.

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