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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Luckier Belt

I unabashedly love Lucky Brand Jeans. It's not just that I adore the clothing that resembles those of my beloved seventies. I mean they sell those shirts worn by everyone who smoked out in my high school's east parking lot - and while I didn't go to high school in the seventies, that's what they were all still wearing. (Why is that? Did smoking and procuring smokes take up so much of their time that they were unable to go out and purchase new clothing? Did all their purchasing dollars get spent on heavy black eyeliner?)

It is also that the Lucky store resembles the beloved seventies as well. The rugs on the floor. The drapey, fringey decorations. Right down to the music - I mean, what other store plays Richard Thompson and Eric Clapton? So, to paraphrase Janeane Garofalo when she talked about George Clooney playing a pediatrician on ER, "I'm not made of wood people." You got me.

So that brings us to this belt. I just love it . Yes, it has multiple colors, but see how they are corralled into a single 2 inch wide strip, that may even be partly hidden by your shirt? This is a pattern of multiple colors I can live with. And so seventies in its execution - look at the overstitching, the big brass buckle, the hearty leather. This belt would be so at home in the east parking lot, stamping its feet to keep warm in the colder months.

While you would be lucky to find it at Macy's for $38, on sale from $48, how much luckier was I to locate it at my mecca, the Lucky store itself, for a mere $10. What a small price to pay to both hold old up your jeans and pay homage to the greatest decade that ever lived. Now that's luckier.

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