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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Summer, Summer, Summer - You Turn Me Upside Down

Summer's here! Summer's here! Summer's here! The temperature has finally reached the 70's and I rejoice! And, yes, I do realize it is that Memorial Day weekend "marks the unofficial start of summer." Every news program is obligated to say that before they show video (what I hope is stock footage) of people first backed up in an airport and later enjoying a weekend barbecue. Am I the only one that would back a constitutional amendment making Memorial Day weekend the official start of summer? Let's get that online petition started.

And if you wanted to do that petition the old fashioned, stop-me-in-front-of-Zabar's way, then what better dress could you wear to make your point that summer is here and demands official acknowledgement? Look at this beauty for $22.80 from Forever 21! Look at its adorable belt!It's cotton with a hint of spandex - it could accomodate a true brunch, one that comprises both breakfast foods and lunch foods, eaten outdoors in a warm summer breeze.

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