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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lofty Goals

I used to work across the street from an Ann Taylor Loft. Maybe I should rephrase that as "I used to live in an Ann Taylor Loft and had a short commute to my office across the street." I mean, they asked after me if I hadn't been in recently. Recently that week. Ironically, I don't especially love their stuff, on the whole. It has a bit of a matronly feel to it, a little stodgy, a bit Simsbury. But I worked as part of a virtual team and saw no one all day and had nothing else to do for lunch, and the prices were good, and ...

And so I like to think I refined my shopping skills. Finding a funky piece at a good price in a store like that is a real challenge. And the luckier chicks are all about challenges. And yummy snacks. I have a great corduroy East Parking Lot coat from there - and you'd never know it. So they have a sale on now and there are all kinds of cute bargains to find:

Check out this halter. While there is a pattern to it, it is conspicuously lacking in color (ok, you could get it in green). $15 bucks!

And these shoes - especially in the black with the contrasting cork sole, for $20 (buy another, get it half off). Add another pair in gold or silver and you've got a shirt, and two pair of shoes for $45! Round it up to an even $50 by buying some yummy snacks.

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