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Monday, June 30, 2008

One Piece, Two Piece, Three Piece, Four

So I had to have a two piece. I finally got myself one that I loved, and after a quick subway ride, a train ride and 1/4 mile walk we all hit the beach, more bags of stuff than people, but ok, who's counting, and we're Jewish so we had to have enough food for (n*3) people where n is the number of people actually involved in the activity. Here is my suit from the Gap ($28) - so cheap, and just perfect, especially since the top ties at the top at the neck and the bottom to get it to fit just right.

But, we get to the beach and, lo, my friend has on an adorable black one piece! So now I need that too. And can't a luckier chick have more than one bathing suit? Especially if she lives under the delusion that she will go often enough to some body of water that she actually requires at least two, because one is always wet? As delusions go, this is a pretty benign one, you must admit. And here is an awesome black one piece from Lands End for $24.99. Look at it - it is even more customizable than my little bikini. You can choose from two torso lengths as well as three bra types and four cup sizes. Maybe all of Simsbury was right to do all its shopping from Lands End? Ugh, painful images of polos, khakis, webbed blets and boat shoes (all worn by the girls, mind you, and not when preppy was the style) from my high school days come flooding back. Maybe just stick to this suit.

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