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Monday, July 7, 2008

That Seventies Room

When I was a kid, my two cousins in Brooklyn had the grooviest bedroom ever. And this was before Brooklyn was the groovy borough. The room was green and yellow. I don’t mean it had avocado and gold accents or flourishes. I mean the room was green and yellow incarnate. The walls were covered in a viney floral green and yellow wallpaper. The floor was stained green, the woodwork was green. One of my cousins, Amanda’s mother in fact, created an awesome green and yellow lamp from a pair of flowerpots, which sat on the inevitably green bureau. The ottoman in front of the world’s most awesome green vanity was upholstered in green vinyl (it doesn’t hurt that my uncle manufactures furniture). There was a pair identical green desks and green beds, with bedspreads that matched the groovy wallpaper. In short this was my idea of paradise here on earth, and when it was my turn to decorate my room, I tried to create an updated version this groovitude, but failed miserably, covering my walls and woodwork in a surgical scrubs green. And, really, who wants to wake up in the morning and mistake their bedroom for an OR?

So, naturally when I saw this shirt, I thought instantly of that gold and green seventies wonderland. This shirt really brings it all back, but with two beautiful shades of blue to update it. Now, I wasn’t that interested in the shirt at its initial price of $48. In fact, I was downright uninterested (not disinterested). At $18 though, I will have to buy it to relive that room’s glory days. Lucky is having a 50% off then another 25% off, which is a great workout for your elementary school math skills (hint… it’s not 75% off), so while you’re in there, look around and pick out some more groovy items.


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