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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Black on Black

So here's the necklace I'm planning to get for the happy couple's engagement party. I'll be wearing that lovely black dress below, and what goes better with a simple black dress, then a nice pop of black. I know - black paired with black, who would have thought of something so creative? Well, don't blame yourself if you couldn't think of this inventive combination . After all, if you live somewhere other than New York, you might believe the magazines and newspapers that claim, at the start of each new season, that this is the season of turquoise, yellow, purple, or even simply of color. We in New York don't fall for that nonsense. Of course, the writers and publishers behind those statements are all located here, and don't they feel superior when we all trot out in the rainbow-hued wardrobes they urged on us? Well, we'll show them - we'll go black and we'll never go back.

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