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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Prevent a Tragedy, Please

A ways back we alerted you to Steve and Barry's new univeral price of $8.98. Adorable top? $8.98. Basic blazer? $8.98. Elegant sundress? $8.98. Sweet shorts? $11.98. Just kidding, $8.98.

And you were grateful for this new pricing approach, we know you were. But did you demonstrate your gratitude by loading up for summer on Bitten tops and flowy dresses? Apparently not, because Steve and Barry's is filing for bankruptcy! We here take some of the blame since we have posted many deals at an assortment of other retailers, and you no doubt ran out an purchased those items instead. But we all must rally around Steve and Barry's and show our solidarity and appreciation for their luckier approach to retailing, for making chic, stylish items available at prices that leave enough money in your wallet for necessities, like cupcakes or tasti-d-lite.

Take a stand for luckier chicks everywhere and go get yourself this adorable dress (that you can surely wear into fall). It's win-win! In addition to the great dress and the change for your ten dollar bill, you will get a strong feeling of civic accomplishment.

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