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Monday, July 28, 2008

Dana, Caldor, Evan Picone - Where Are You Now?

I am so sure that Dana Kahan had this exact outfit in 7th grade. You read that right, not Donna Karan, Dana Kahan. In my class of five girls Dana, not unlike Rachel Zoe, was a self-appointed arbiter of taste. And, like Rachel (and Donna), she was Jewish (see how I did it again?). Dana had the most awesome outfit ever for her Bat Mitzvah. Or at least she thought so, and she was so convincing, that we, her classmates, really had no choice but to agree. She wore a gray suit, a pink oxford, and a grey, pink and yellow argyle vest with coordinating tie, all of which she got in Manhattan at Bloomingdale's. OK, and gray suede shoes and grey Evan Picone stockings. Ribbed. Ask me what I wore. I have no idea.

Anyway, I just know she also had this dress in junior high. And I am so happy to have it back. Love it! And it's $22.99! I don't know who the Gap is kidding when it talks about its "European Collection" (I can wear it when I eat a chocolate croissant?) or refers to their European sizing conventions, but if it means the dress is under $23, c'est la vie. Or joie de vive. Chocolate croissant.

Danaa also had a pair of shoes very much like the ones featured here. They had a big giant wooden heels, like this pair, only Dana's shoes featured a wooden wedge with a carved out triangular hole. I am fairly certain they came from Caldor's. Ah, Caldor's we miss you so. Like Target, only, you know, without the tasteful design. Remember its so awesome logo? Does anything convey the beauty and joy that is a rainbow as well as 3 arcs in pretty much the same dirty color? Alas, no. Even the Target logo that entrances me with its pure red hypnotic bull's eye, just cannot compare.

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