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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beach Bag Bargain

I already told you how much I love day at the park while everybody else is at work. Well, you know what's even better than that? No? Well, allow me tell you. A day at the beach while everyone else is at work (and, let's be honest, in day camp). This week I got to go with two of my close friends, and while everyone else I know was creating spreadsheets analyzing sales and projecting revenue, we were parking our asses on the sand, and in my case, getting burned to a crisp.

Now the one downside of a trip to the beach (aside from the chronic pain I suffer from the sunburn mentioned above) is that you bring the beach home with you. I don't mean the relaxed feeling of the beach, or the scent of the ocean, but the beach itself. It's pretty much two weeks of the Dustbuster going 24/7 until I can walk around barefoot in my own home. What could prevent this tragic occurrence, which, let's be honest here, is no doubt contributing to beach erosion? A nice, new loosely woven bag that lets you sift the sand out at the beach. Or, if you forgot to, and no one is looking, in the lobby of your building. And this one's only $7!

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