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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A for Effort

I love the letter A. In college, I got straight A's. My name is made up of 50% A's. I always wear a little diamond "A" necklace (well, except for right now. It doesn't really go with the halter neckline of the dress I'm wearing). You might even call me Type-A. (Though, sadly, my blood type is actually AB.)

In keeping with my passion for the letter, I also love A-line. Really, that silhouette is just magic. In an A-line dress, I am sooo much skinnier than I would be in something like jeans. For example, if clothing sizes were ages, an A-line dress that would still be considered a toddler miraculously fits over an ass that would be old enough to drive. Or buy alcoholic beverages. Or retire.

And of course, the only thing better than an A-line dress is an A-line dress on sale. And I got this cute one (in blue, with removable straps!) marked down to $35 at Esprit last week. The only bad thing is that it's still the original price on their web site, so if you want to save, you'll have to actually get up off your butt and go to the store. But on the bright side, all that exercise could help bring it down to voting age.

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