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Thursday, January 29, 2009

A ringing endorsement

I never know what type of jewelry is in style, and this goes double for earrings (maybe because there are two of them). Is it big hoops this season? Chandelier earrings? Long, dangly ones? The pressure to get it right usually sends me running in the other direction -- I seek refuge in the smallest earrings I can possibly find, from barely visible studs to mini-hoops purchased in the section of the department store that sells jewelry for babies. (True story.)

But if I were a little more daring, I'm pretty sure I would wear these. Yes, they're long and dangly, but in an indie way that tells the world you don't care if they're in style or not. Though I think they might be. Next season.

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jayn said...

FYI - they are $51 at Zappos. What a service we provide!