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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jacket Up

So, I kept the baby poop coat - well, Brooklyn Industries calls it the 'Snug' - and I wore it Thursday night, the night of teeny, tiny temperatures, and it was so very warm.  In fact, I didn't even zip it up over my short sleeved dress!  

One reason the Snug is so warm is that it's just so very long.  In fact, that night I met a woman who told me she owns the same coat, but found it was in fact too long (unlike 'rich,' 'thin,' and 'chocolatey,' there is such thing as 'too long').  So, her solution was to buy this adorable coat, also from Brooklyn Industries, which she was modeling that very frigid evening.  Check it out - it's on sale for 30% of its sale price and is a teeny tiny $42!

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