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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Party Off

I loved this dress when it first came out, at $78. It looked perfect for a nice holiday party. But as we all know, my firm's holiday party was not going to be nice, located as it was in the cafeteria, where this dress would be a little out of place, next to the 10 gallon ketchup pump. My guess is my firm was not the only one to scale back on holiday parties, and this dress just did not sell... and now it is only $25. It really is adorable and since it's silk and cotton, wouldn't it be a cute dress to wear in the summer? Or maybe if you were heading down to Florida, in say a week or two, you could wear it there.

And, to keep you all up-to-date, my holiday party was canceled due to snow. What a disappointment.


mamalikey said...

That dress is seriously cute. And for $28, it would be a crime not to find it a good home...

jayn said...

I agree - warning - it is smaller on top than on bottom. I am the reverse.