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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Get Down

A couple of years ago I bought my current jacket from the Company Store, hugely on sale. It is big men's olive parka. I love that it is a winter version Lindsay Weir's ubiquitous army jacket. I love that when I needed a car service driver to be able to quickly find me, I turned it inside out to its incredibly, flamingly fluorescent orange side. I don't so much love that I know a two-year-old with the same jacket. And I really don't love that it has no shape to it at all, meaning I appear as just a big olive blob, or a big orange blob if you work for all sixes (or is it all sevens?).

So, I set out to find myself a more shapely down jacket, and ended up with this one from Brooklyn Industries - almost exactly the same one that Amanda bought last year - at half off. After the most recent snow storm, the length is really appealing to me. And now preschooler Josh and I will never again be confused for each other, although all sevens (or is it all sixes?) may have a hard time spotting me at LGA.

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