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Friday, January 23, 2009

Sweater Weather (Forever!)

I hate this time of year -- winter is showing no signs of ending, but I'm sick of all my sweaters already. What's a girl to do?

You could take a cue from Jayn and me and plan a trip to Florida. Or you could expand your winter wardrobe. If you're preppy like me, pick up one of these cableknit sweaters in every color (on sale for $20, plus an additional 30% off this weekend!).

If you're a little trendier, tie on this comfy cardigan.

For something a little more luxe, this cashmere turtleneck's on-sale for $40.

Or, if you're the optimistic sort (or perhaps in denial), look ahead to warmer climes with one of these springy, lightweight pullovers.

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jayn said...

FYI - when I was at Old Navy the other day, everything on sale was another 50% off - although the site does not seem to be offering that additional discount. All I got was 3 pair of socks for $1.50, but I almost got a t-shirt dress for $2.50.