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Friday, June 20, 2008

Bag Lady

I hate camping. I think that sleeping in beds, rather than on the ground, is what separates us from the animals. Also, if the outdoors was so great, why would have built houses? I rest my case.

Yet despite my hatred of camping, I love sleeping bags. They're so warm and comfy, and they have one of my favorite activities (sleeping!) in their very name! (And one of my favorite accessories, "bags.") Which is why I especially like this coat from Brooklyn Industries. It's a sleeping bag you can wear! It's easy to forget on a beautiful summer day how difficult it can be to wake up on an icy February morning. But I remember: it's tough. So make it easier by zipping yourself into this sleeping bag before you step out your door into that frozen tundra. An extra-comfy buffer against the harsh reality of a cold winter day. And it makes it that much easier to sleep on the subway.

It's on sale for $80; plus, true to form, I found a $5-off coupon code. But you're gonna have to find it for yourself. I will teach you to fish, but I won't give you the fish.


Gabby said...

Do you think that this is a Boston-appropriate snow coat? At $80, it's something I can afford!

Amanda said...

Absolutely. I don't think they come much warmer. Just get a size up so you can wear a sweater (or five) underneath.