So - which ass-kicking boots do I buy?

Monday, April 14, 2008


Right now, everything at Steve & Barry's is $8.98! Nine bucks! I am totally going there after work. Want to meet me there? No? Seriously?

Oh, I see what's going on here. I can totally tell what you're thinking. "Really? That t-shirt place? With the Amanda Bynes stuff?" Sigh. You're doing a very good job of hiding your disdain (are you even trying? That's just insulting!). Dude, you're even snobbier than I thought! Look, I don't like going to the Manhattan Mall anymore than you do. But check out these pants! They're corduroy capris, and you totally need a pair for the summer. They're from the Sarah Jessica Parker collection! We can wear them when we see the Sex & the City movie!

Okay, okay, maybe I'm going a little overboard. I'm totally waiting 'til it comes out on DVD. But look at it this way: If you go now and stock up on $9 basics, like tees and tanks and button-downs, and of course, these awesome pants, think how much more you'll have to spend at all your fancy stores! That's if you have any room left in your closet . . .

ETA: Looks like The New York Times is browsing Luckier for leads. It was only a matter of time . . . (5/1/08)

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