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Monday, June 2, 2008

The Subway Blouse

Not to be confused with the "wheelbarrow" dress, the subway blouse is perfect for commuting in the hot weather suddenly upon us. You know how you head out to work and it's a bright, sunny morning and you're happy to be alive, if not happy to be going to work, and then you head down those two flights of gum-encrusted, AM New York-littered stairs into the train station and stand dripping, on a subway platform that is inexplicably a full 27 degrees hotter than the street? This is the shirt for that commute, and it's $20. Sure, it looks dressy, but it's hardly there at all. And of course, you would pair it with something a little less Country Joe and the Fish. OK, I don't really know who Country Joe and the Fish are, but believe you me, this is their shirt. Try for a somewhat more sophisticated solid cami, possibly a nice absorbant cotton

Somewhere out there is the "office blouse," the blouse you can wear in the hot, hot, hot subway (so hot that if it were coffee, my mother would drink it) and still be comfortable in the icicle-encrusted office.

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