So - which ass-kicking boots do I buy?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Suit Up!

Look at this suit, y'all (I've been reading up on Jamie Lynn's baby)! How can you not love it? First the obvious - it has an underwire, if you want you and your breasts to arrive at the beach at the same time, and not with a 3 second delay. Second, it has the boy short bottom, a shape I have been in love with since finding the most amazing Liza Bruce boy short suit at the Neiman's Last Call sale in college. Sooo, much sexier than the thong, and saves on the sunblock. But then there is the madras plaid. Do you not just live for it?

(For a (luckier) chick who doesn't do patterns or colors, I am so very completely smitten by anything madras. Even better is madras patchwork! Or a different madras on the sleeves, back and front. What is wrong with me?)

And I love this suit because to me it appeals at once to both the East Village hipster doofus and the New England prepster wasp. Of course, as neither, I could be completely off-base. You vote at right and tell me. But not before you place your order (and Amanda has been kind enough to help you with the discount, y'all). But please, let's skip those rain boots. It makes stilettos and a bathing suit seem almost reasonable. And it's $26.

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