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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Hobbyist

It's hard to believe how many hobbies I find time for. In addition to laundering clothes, scrubbing toilets and correcting people's grammar, I also return things. Whereas some folks entertain themselves with shopping, only a select few can fashion an entire pastime out of returning. Sure, you may buy things and later change your mind and return them, but how many of you return things you intend to keep? Less cryptically, I buy something I expect to go on sale, then buy it again on sale, and return the original at full price. And, in the case of this shirt, I performed a third iteration, buying the shirt on its second reduction and returning the first two shirts. As you can imagine, this hobby demands excellent receipt filing skills and the ability to do a cost/benefit analysis on the spot, each time your notice your item on further reduction (is it really worth my time for $4.99? for $7.99?"). I am fairly certain, though, that I read somewhere that these sorts of calculations keep your mind strong and ward off dementia.

Anyway, this shirt is so cute, and it is now $15 (depending on the color), from $45. Great under a suit, and you can whip off your jacket for the boiling commute. And you have me to thank for having to buy it only once - for those of you that don't see the joy in the hobby that is returning.

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