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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shopping is next to Godliness

I've noticed that we never really blog about H&M here, which is odd, because it's pretty much a mecca in our world. Seriously, I face the one on 5th Ave when I pray. I think it's because their site isn't so conducive to online shopping, requiring us to actually go to the store and do primary research as opposed to the passive, secondary, internet-surfing kind we prefer.

But please, don't underestimate my undying love for H&M. (If you're still skeptical, I can send you my 50-page thesis on the company. No, seriously.) Their web site does have this cute little "Dressing Room" function that lets you "try on" their clothes with a virtual model. (You can upload a picture and enter your measurements and they will adjust your virtual model to look more like you, but I am fearful of what the result would look like and will instead stick with the generic chick.)

Anyway, my virtual model has excellent taste and picked this very cute tube dress, which tells me is $5.90! So, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to my house of worship. I have some shopping to do.

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