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Monday, June 9, 2008

No Animals Were Hurt in the Creation of this Cardi

First I want to know why we call a camisoles a cami and yet we don't call a cardigan 'cardi,' like our good friends in the UK do. Let's start a grass movement, folks. Finally an issue that really matters - I want to see this addressed in the next presidential debate.

Second, while I was not home on Friday night doing my laundry and not watching "What Not to Wear" I did not see this vegan sweater. On the hanger in the Gap it did not appeal to me, but on this vegan victim on the show it looked adorable. Turns out the Gap is the perfect place for vegans, what with almost everything there being made from cotton or possibly a blend. (OK, I guess I assumed hemp was more the vegan's speed, but chalk that up to ignorance.) And it turns out that vegans eschew not only leather, but anything animal related - so silk is from poor, overworked, under-compensated silk worms who doubtless have a crappy 401k matching program and it therefore cannot be worn - same I guess for wool, which I can't even think about as the NYC threatens to break temperature records. But this cardi is 100% cruelty free (except I suppose for the cotton weevils mudered out in the field) and 100% cute.

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