So - which ass-kicking boots do I buy?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Safety Shoes

OK - I have to admit I am nervous about buying shoes anywhere that has a "leather collection." When I was coming up my mother made it very clear that all our shoes must be made of leather, no options, case closed. So the notion that a store would brag that it sells a handful of shoes made of natural materials is a bit scary to me, although it would surely be of interest to the ruffled-sweater-wearing-vegan.

But I do think at $34.50 these are amazing. Again, like with the wedges, I like a thick heel that doesn't get trapped in the sidewalk and cause me, my purse, and my laptop to collapse in a heap. (Of course, when I wear the thick heel, I have nothing to blame the inevitable tumble on but but my utter lack of grace. Except maybe that my parents didn't give me dance lessons! Yes! It's their fault!) And the shoe reminds me very much of the opening to a show called Makin' It that aired for one season only, but whose theme song has never left my brain. Which explains why there is no room for anything new. (It is all the fault of the show! Yes! It's the show's fault!)

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Lucy said...

i love these shoes