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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Perfect Quarantine Pant

I have been in quarantine all week. Working, holding 10 conference calls a day, but in quarantine nonetheless. I started out dressed in actual clothes, but I've been sliding downhill all week. Today's pants are very loose and flowy, and the fold-over knit waistband is gentle to my person, but the pants are linen and that's just too formal for quarantine. As day four of my quarantine approaches, these cargo capri sweatpants seem to be the perfect next step in my quarantine pants continuum. Exiting the realm of the cargo, but not yet entering the kingdom of the sweatpant. And I need to pace myself, lest I find myself in 3 day-old pajama bottoms with cheezit stains I have no recollection of making.

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