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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Buy Me Things, Lots of Things

I made a grave mistake when I got married that I plan to rectify now. See, I registered, but for a minimal amount of items, at a single store, and I had only a shower and a wedding, and I received only a single gift at each. I have since learned that I deserved an engagement gift and multiple shower gifts, as well as the wedding gift. And there should have been, in addition to the shower, a destination wedding, with a weekend's worth of group activities, a theme shower, and a bachelorette party (ideally also destinational in nature). (I am happy to report that spell check does not accept 'bachelorette' as a word. Because it's not. OK, it doesn't like 'destinational' either, but that's because I made that one up.)

I am rectifiying this situation by registering. Not for a wedding or a baby. Just formally creating a list of things I want. Should you wish to buy me a present - and who doesn't really? - the registry will be your go-to list of everything I simply must have. I recommend this approach to everyone, especially those who have not yet gotten married or had a baby, and have therefore not yet been in the position of instructing every person they have ever known what must be purchased for them, and where.

I am initiating my registry with this $30 skirt. It actually resembles the wrapping paper I just used to wrap three shower gifts. Buy it for me and I promise to spare you the toilet paper wedding dress game and the oohing and ahing at dish towels and measuring cups, as well as having to dedicate a holiday weekend to touring some remote city you never wanted to visit anyway.

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