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Monday, March 2, 2009

The Snowy Day

Sometimes, nothing goes your way. Sometimes it's Monday morning, and you wake up to a snowstorm, yet another sign that winter is NEVER GOING AWAY, and the knowledge that you have to go into work and deal with all the things that you didn't finish last week, despite staying late every single day.

Sometimes your clients are mad at your entire team for something that admittedly got screwed up, though not because of anything you did, but they can't yell at your entire team and instead will just yell at you, and sometimes you know that that is gonna happen today.

Sometimes your boyfriend will have the day off, on account of the snow, and even though it's just as snowy where you are, and you have never had a snow day in your entire LIFE, you still won't have one today, and instead you will have to GO to work and deal with all of the above.

And then sometimes, if you're really lucky, your building will be evacuated due to a "smoke situation," and you will tell everyone that you are going to work from home, when you really mean you are going to "work" from "home," and you will leave to join that boyfriend-with-the-day-off and go sledding in the park.

If that happens, you should bring a scarf.

1 comment:

floretbroccoli said...

Nice story. And I couldn't MAKE that scarf for $15.

But points off for its being named "Suri."