So - which ass-kicking boots do I buy?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hup Two Three Four (& Five, Six, Seven)

Women are famous for having an insatiable hunger for shoes (or boots). Some of us, though, are outerwear-obsessed. I am that some of us. Which means real problems, since my coat closet is that rare closet shape, a triangle, and is supposably adequate storage for my collection as well as a jacket or two for the other members of my family. Never enough down jackets. Or wool coats. Or long sweaters. Or leather blazers. Or, for some unexplained reason, khaki, army-inspired jackets. It could be the Freaks & Geeks influence. Or the influence of the real life freaks at my high school, the burnouts. (Let's be honest though - when it comes to my influences, the sad truth is that tv is the more likely culprit.) Regardless, I have my eye on this Lucky Brand (surprise!) one for $50, from $169 (use your 40% off coupon), in store only. The other members of my family will have to just store their outerwear in the three corners of my - our - closet.

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