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Friday, March 27, 2009

Flowered Dress: The Saga

I am obsessed with this dress.
I'm not sure why -- I have a sneaky suspicion that it will look TERRIBLE in person. But nonetheless, I have decided that I need it. However, it's not available in any of the Ann Taylor LOFT stores around here, so I have to order it from the site and can't try it on. I figured I can just return it to a store if I don't like it, but I don't want to be out the cost of shipping if that happens, so I need a free shipping coupon code. The only one I could find (free shipping + 15% off!) required a $75 minimum purchase. After getting this dress in 2 different sizes (at $29.99 each), it still wasn't enough, so I had to order another dress to get my order high enough for free shipping (+15% off!).
I'm still not sure either size of the first dress will fit. So when I went back to the site today and saw that they suddenly had it another size that could maybe possibly fit (I'm super-weird when it comes to dress sizes), I of course had to order that one, too. But how to get this new order up to $75? Well, these shoes.
And this belt.

So to recap: One dress in 3 different sizes. Another dress. A pair of shoes. A belt. The things I'll do for a coupon code.

Of course, I may still wind up returning ALL of it. Stay tuned for the next chapter . . .


Amanda said...

Update: Keeping the flowered dress (in one size only) and the shoes. Everything else has been returned.

jayn said...

even the shoeses? sigh.

Amanda said...

No, I KEPT the shoes. Hence the sentence, "Keeping the flowered dress (in one size only) and the shoes."

jayn said...

i am expected to read ALL the words you type? There were like 20!

Amanda said...

If you don't like me typing so many words, don't complain that I don't blog enough.