So - which ass-kicking boots do I buy?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

On a Li'l Mission

At Amanda's college they have sororities and wear slutty nighties to pajama parties. At my college we have little sisters and we hand down our big wooden hoops to them. My little sister Susie, known to me as li'l since the day we met, is a on a quest for a black leather shoulder bag for around $50. And as all I really ever did for her was give her a big wooden hoop, I kind of do owe her. So here's what I've located so far:

$40, PVC

$39, leather-look

$70, leatha

$50, leatha

And the obvious choice…$30, hemp


susie said...

WOW!!!! i'm the subject of a whole post!!!! i AM luckier!

btw, went to jersey gardens on my wild goose chase, and left with some shoes for the boys, and a big headache. no bag. saw several cute ones (particularly one at lucky jeans), but none meeting my absurd price criteria. sigh. i'm destined to either overspend or go pleather.

jayn said...

there is alwys the hemp alternative...