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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Insert Skirt Pun

I am fairly certain my mother had this exact skirt when I was a kid. No doubt it was purchased at the only clothing store in my small, incredibly waspy, town - Carroll Reed (which, I was amused to learn, was called "Carroll Reed of New England" throughout the non-New England regions of the country).

I think this skirt will be a great staple for summer, with a blouse, a tank, a sweater - and I like it sooo much better with these funky wooden platforms, than the boat shoes I am certain my mother wore with it. Because, being Jewish and from Brooklyn, and not living remotely near the water, my mother wore those boat shoes every day. (Coincidentally, emailed me today that boat shoes are back. There is a line I will not cross in my sentimental shopping, and boat shoes are about two nautical miles over that line.)


Amanda said...

Skirting the issue.

jayn said...

oh, that was my first thought, but there's no real issue.