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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Couple (of Dresses)

As Jayn has recently observed (quite astutely), I'm kind of obsessed with wedding registries. It's true -- while getting married is of no immediate concern to me, I fantasize about registering for gifts. Picking out a whole long list of things other people then have to buy for you? What more could anyone want?

However, the whole thing is kind of unfair to single people, when you think about it. Do only married people deserve to have fancy kitchen appliances and nice linens? I think not; as an avid baker and sleeper, I deserve kitchen gadgets and linens, too. But with no wedding on the horizon (and let me be clear, I am just fine with that) I am forced to acquire them the old-fashioned way: buying them for myself (for the most part -- thanks Mom!).

So what will happen when (if) I do someday get married? I'm clearly still going to expect presents. But what will I have left to register for? I'm thinking clothes, like maybe these colorful H&M dresses -- or whatever the equivalent style is 50 years from now.

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jayn said...

more accurately, your hobby is checking out other folks' registries... and laughing at them.