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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Unluckier Chick

Dear Sarah,

I know your life must just be insanity incarnate right now. Between showing us you're a good sport on SNL, cramming on current events, getting those orange streaks in your hair and planning that shotgun wedding, you have clearly not found the time to read Luckier. How else can you explain the $150,000 you spent on campaign clothes? Well, make time, Miss Moosie! What better way to show you understand whatever Joe it is we're celebrating this week (we've moved past Joe Sixpack, and have pretty much beat Joe the Plumber to death, or at least into such a stupor he can't remember to forget to show up for his appointments), than to peruse Luckier and snag yourself some deals.

I know you rationalized the huge bill by saying you needed to dress for many different climates. Well, I'd like to introduce you to a concept known as 'layering'. It is so well-known that my five-year-old put a t-shirt over pajamas last night and asked how I liked the 'layered effect.' Now, don't be offended - you can't possibly expect me to believe this is the first time someone has suggested that you could learn a lot from a five-year-old. Grab this sweater dress/coat for $25 and we'll all completely identify with you as one of us.

You betcha.


love ya mean it said...

fashion advice and political commentary in one blog. now THAT'S a bah-gain! - li'l

jayn said...

Why thank you, li'l! -big