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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Next Block: Bags?

It's no big news that living in NYC is insanely expensive, but there are some bargains to be found. Where else can you get a mani-pedi for $20? (BTW, when I asked how much for just the pedi, I was told $20, so it only made good economic sense to get both.) And, also for only $20, these Bruno Magli slingbacks from Bloomies. Yes, ok, they are used, I mean vintage, but they are awesome, from their topstitching platforminess to their stacked heels. There I was, literally walking down the street, when I walked right into a tag sale and right into these shoes, just my size, hardly worn, at least 30 years old. Now, maybe I was inspired by this weekend's inexplicable and disturbing obsession with "The Rachel Zoe Project," but the vintage aspect made them all the more desirable. And I am sure reusing shoes has reduced my carbon footprint by like 15%.

Now you may be asking yourself why I bothered to post this item, since these shoes are pretty much unavailable now that I bought the only pair for sale on the West 83rd Street sidewalk. No doubt it's because I am constantly trying to remind myself why I have chosen one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in while not working at one of the most lucrative jobs in the world. Cheap designer shoes that practically walk onto your feet seems like a damn good reason. Or, if I were running for vice president, a gosh darn good reason.

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