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Sunday, October 26, 2008

How Mighty White of Me

We all think our tastes are so unique. Surely no one possesses the same exact combination of interests we do. And then you sign onto and it offers suggestions of what you might like, based on previous visits, and you are horrified at how dead-on they are. (Sometimes you deny its recommendations are accurate, like when it says you would enjoy "Two and a Half Men" - but you know you are fooling only yourself.) I have loved peacoats since birth. OK, since my friend Mary Ann wore the one her brother got in the Navy. Imagine my horror when I learned that my love of the pea coat is shared by the entire white race. But this pea coat, this one is different, she pleaded. This one is unique! It comes in this awesomely regal purple, and it's got this great, low-slung belt, while still preserving a waist. With a 20% off coupon, it's only $56.

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