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Friday, August 22, 2008

You're Welcome

We are so very helpful. Remember how we brought you the elusive "day-into-night" shirt, the shirt that we all thought was the sartorial equivalent of Sasquatch? Well, here is - - insert sound of banner-strung-trumpets here - - the just as elusive summer-into-fall skirt. While I am still partial to a low-slung skirt, because I am the shortest waisted person on the island of Manhattan and possibly across all five boroughs, I really like this high-waisted alternative. Notice how it does turn the model into a pair of breasts resting directly on her waist? I suppose that could have something to do with her being 6'2" and weighing 87 pounds, but, ever the optimist, I expect that this would be a very flattering skirt on pretty much anyone. The cotton knit makes it perfect for both seasons.

And at $50, it's 72% off (sometimes if a price sounds slightly too high, we have to resort to percentage discounted to seal the deal. But you already employ that trick, don't you? You're no fool).

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