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Monday, August 18, 2008

All Signs Point Vest

A while back I worked at Sony Music. That sounds cooler than it was. Sigh, I worked there because they were my client and I was putting an incredibly exciting distribution system. If you've ever done any work like this, you know that while they pay your company like $500 an hour, they stick you in any almost livable space they can, and then add another ten or so team members. Later I'll tell you the story about the time we all worked in a copy room that had such a low level of oxygen that people in the back of the room actually felt faint every afternoon. Oops, looks like I told that one.

Anyway, at Sony we were all of us crammed in a conference room and we used to see a woman walk by every day in a vest. It wasn't always the same vest, but it was always a vest. And clever consultants that we were, we had a hilarious comment for each sighting. They went like "she has a vested interest in her work," "she invested heavily in that outfit," "I think she should divest herself of that ensemble." I wish I could blame these on a lack of oxygen, but different project.

So, my point is, vests seem to be back. I guess it's part of the whole push for us to wear trousers and give up the damn comfortable, easy-to-fit, flattering dress. And every single time I see a vest, I hear Jen-from-the-Sony-project (often confused with Jenny-from-the-block) uttering one of the above witticisms. Acknowldeging that it is only a matter of time before I invest in one, because, let's face it, it is a nice way to layer and make more of just a shirt and pants or jeans, here is nice bargain of a vest ($12). I personally would buy it in black. And, you know, possibly put a shirt on. I'm crazy that way.

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