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Friday, November 20, 2009

Collar the Market

Sometimes when I wear a coat with a collar I get nervous that the collar will flap around and my lipstick will rub onto it. Which is weird, because mostly I buy lipstick and then keep it safely in my medicine cabinet. But once in awhile I wear lipstick - until I get to work and eat my breakfast at my desk. And during the period from when I first put the coat on until I remove my coat and take my first bite of cranberry muffin, I am always craning my neck in weird ways to keep that collar clean. This coat ($97 with the 25% off code) has its collar firmly secured by buttons. So for the five minutes that Im actually wearing lipstick, I won't be doing that weird pigeon thing with my neck. I'm hoping that means an end to the old man with the baggy pants tossing crusts of bread in my direction.

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