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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Esprit de Store

When I was in high school, my family would drive in to NYC and my mother would take me shopping at Urban Outfitters, where she'd buy me all matter of things Esprit. It's there that I got the awesomest Esprit hot pink loafers, and somehow even more awesomer Esprit paint splattered pants (with ankle zippers!). And what do I remember best about these trips? A single instance in which a man stood at the entrance to Urban Outfitters screaming over and over "What the fuck is Balduccis? What the fuck is Balduccis?" Exactly the memory my mother was trying to create.

The story does go a long way toward explaining a) my allegiance to Urban Outfitters b) my adoration of the word 'fuck' c) my attraction to Esprit. Evidence of point 'c': this dress (which I snagged over the weekend for $50 at 30% off).

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