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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sit Back, Enjoy the Shoe

Recently I went to see Bruce Springsteen at the Meadowlands and I learned an important lesson in security. If a concertgoer brings a backpack (offense 1) with a laptop (offense 2), she is a security risk and must be barred from entry. However, if she gets herself some free Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band plastic bags from the souvenir-y stand, and places her backpack, laptop, ballet flats and other items inside those bags, she is warmly welcomed into the stadium.

When I returned home from the show, I was not unhappy to see that one of those ballet flats had been left behind in the stadium parking lot. They were several years old and they pinched my heels. So, look at these awesome replacements I found - $29, and with this season's studs! (Check out the awesome, not-in-my-size gray.) I am steadfastly avoiding investigating the black ballet flat I may or may not have glimpsed under my umbrella stand.

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