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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Learn From My Mistake

This dress is $11.50. $11.50, ___ (insert "yo," "dude" or "man" according to your self-perceived age group)! I bought myself pretty much this exact same dress by ABS for $69. And I thought that was a bargain, marked down from $240. I paid exactly 6 times what this dress costs. Yes, there is no band at the neck like there is on mine, but had I seen the two dresses side by side, I am preeeetty certain I would not have opted to pay an extra $57.50 for that band. You could buy a dress in every one of the four colors it comes in, and still not pay what I paid for one. Of course, people would talk about you behind your back as that weird woman who keeps wearing that same dress in a bunch of different colors. Maybe you would like that, though, what do I know?

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Isabela said...

It's a beautiful dress and an even better story..!